Drink water, Mind your business, Stay positive and Keep growing

Welcome back guys! Thanks for keeping up with me and my crazy life! I promise to let you guys know about every detail of what is going on. Today's post is going to be very real and transparent. I have a lot on my chest and kinda just want to lay it out there.

Recently, I have been feeling kinda blah and unmotivated, which is shocking because I am such a goal orientated person. A month ago, I would scheduled days to blog and I realize I couldn't mentally do it. I would wake up and just make up excuses of why I didn't want to get dressed up. I couldn't shake the feeling I had. I wanted to cry, but couldn't. I just told myself to keep moving it along.

Finally, one day I looked in the mirror and asked myself, "am I happy?" The answer was no. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for everything I have/ the people in my life. I will tell you there are days where I get depressed and it holds me back from doing the things I love.

I decided that I am the only one who can make that change. Yes, depression can get the best of me, but I can't let it win. I decided I needed to make minor changes to my life.

First thing I wanted to change was my acne. I have always dealt with acne, every since high school. It is something that I am very insecure about. I tried every face wash, every over the counter item, everything. I decided to go to a doctor and get it checked out. I am now on new medication and I have been feeling more confident. I will share my journey with you guys when I am ready (lol). I swear, something so little like that can make a difference in your day!

Next, I finally decided to change my diet. Remember when I told you guys I wanted to be healthier? I realized that when I was eating meat, red meat, chicken, pork, etc. I would feel gross afterwards. I decided to change my eating habits to where I cut meat out completely and can only eat seafood and veggies. At first, transitioning to a pescatarian was really hard. I wanted Chick Fila every day. Haha. It's been a month and I've been feeling a lot better! I tell you, it takes will power, but it is worth it in the end! Also, Michael holds me to it. He doesn't let me cheat. Haha

Finally, I told myself... excuse the language (LET THE BULLSH*T GO). I use to get so WORKED up about every little thing. I am so OCD and a perfectionist, if things weren't 110% in order, I would get so stressed. I told myself, focus on the things that really matter. Anything else that is minor, let it go. It was mentally exhausting to complain about everything. Anything that made me unhappy, I dropped. Anything that made me stressed, I let go. I am here to grow and to learn! I have so much going for me, I can't let anything stop me from accomplishing my goals!!

My new rule is "drink water, mind your business, stay positive and keep growing."

Today's look is a "I want it to be fall, but it's still 85 degrees outside" look! I found this top at Anthropologie and it was on sale! It's not meant to be off the shoulders, but I made it that way! Haha.

I mean look at that embroidered detail!!! It's such a cute and fun, flirty top. I paired it up with my favorite boyfriend jeans. Then I added my favorite white embroidered boots I got from Missguided. I wanted to give my look more of a western vibe. The western look is definitely trending! Which I am obsessed with.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my personal blog post. I wanted you guys to know that if you keep working hard and keep growing as individuals and you guys will flourish!!!

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

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