Like to Know It

Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well! I have some awesome news to share with you guys!!

I am super excited to announce that my looks are now available on !!

Screaming on the inside:

I have been working really hard to be partners with them and it's finally happened!!

Thank you to the friends and family who has supported me through this. I know they are just excited!!

For those of you who don't know what is. It is a shopping discovery app that allows you to follow your favorite bloggers and influencers across all social media platforms and the internet.

Like what?? It's SO cool. So basically an app that makes shopping my outfits 10x easier! YAY!

I posted a step by step tutorial on how you can follow me and other bloggers on the app!

1. Download app on your phone or ipad

2. Create an account if you don't already have one. I would recommend linking it with your Instagram so then your favorite bloggers and influencers will show up on your dashboard!

3. After you create your account, follow me on the app! Username: chicandtrendycindy

4. Now anytime you want to shop my look via Instagram, you can screenshot my photo and then you will get a notification saying your screenshot has been saved! *In order to screenshot and shop, photo must have a logo in to bottom right corner

5. Now you have all the details of my outfit in the palm of your hands!! You can also save items to your wish list if you want to purchase later!

I am also doing a Target gift card giveaway (I know you guys love Target). If you follow me on the app, comment my latest photo on Instagram with a star emoji to let me know that you have entered. Name will be picked randomly. Winner will be announced this Monday!

Thank you for your support! Happy shopping!!


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