April Favorites

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having an awesome day! I cannot believe its April. LIKE WHAT.

I have a lot of surprises to share with you guys, but can only share them when the time is right.

So recently I've been having writers block. I was questioning whether you guys get bored with my content or if I just need to share new interests.

I did several polls on my Instagram. Follow me here, if you don't already. I wanted to see what you guys would be truly interested in and why you read my blog.

So majority of y'all want to see more styling tips. Like how do I pair the outfits I do and why do I do it that way.

Most of you guys love the top 5 items/things I am currently obsessed with, which I am glad! I love sharing new things with y'all.

Lastly, you guys want to see more makeup tips/tricks/deals. I am okay with that!! I will share as much as I can! Btw, if you haven't checked it out, I have a new beauty tab. Click here, if you want to see the latest Fab Fit Fun box!

Thank you to those who voted, I truly appreciate it. Every day I want to make my blog the place to where you guys come to whether its for fashion tips or life advice. I am here for everything!

So for today's post, I will share with you guys the top 5 things/items I am currently obsessed with!

I know the month just started, but I've been obsessing with these things, I just had to tell y'all!

Top 5 things I am currently obsessed with:

1. Glamglow masks. HOLY smokes. I love their masks. I have really bad acne when I'm stressed, so I have to use something that cools down my skin. I love using their masks right before bed. They have different kinds for different uses. I use the one for problem skin. They're kinda pricey, but are totally worth it!

2. So I am trying to grow out my hair again and I am trying to not straighten it as much since I feel like I get a lot of heat damage from it. Recently I've been putting my hair in a low ponytail with the braided bubble look. As you can see in the photo above. It's a great alternative when you don't want to braid your hair either! I linked a tutorial as well. I mean it when I say its been my current go to look!

3. I mentioned before that I am getting into hot yoga. Well I love it! I've been going more recently and it is such a great stress reliever. I leave feeling really sweaty, but super refreshed. When I don't go to the studio, I do some of the practices at home with a yoga app! I know the memberships can get a little pricey, so I will link the app I use because it is awesome when you're balling on a budget. It is also great when you just want to do standard yoga.

4. I'm 5' 3", yeah I'm short! So lately, I been having a thing about buying shoes that will make me look taller. I am so glad it's spring because I am ready for these platform wedges! I already shared the halogen ones that I wore in my picture, but I will share my style board of different styles that are trending and that I want!

5. Lastly, I want to talk about the Rover app. The app where you can find someone to walk your dogs or baby sit them! We are traveling out of town and usually we bring the pups everywhere, but we decided that since it will be a long drive/short trip, we felt that the dogs would be comfortable staying at home. We used the Rover app and found an awesome dog sitter! It was super helpful and the person we found is super knowledgeable. We highly recommend!

I found this super cute and affordable two piece for $13! I recently been saving money, so I haven't been shopping as much. When I do, I shop on on shein.com! They have such awesome pieces for really cheap! You can find dupe trendy items on the site. Biggest call out would be to make sure to read the reviews of each item that way you know what the product is like. I have received some items where it wasn't described accurately and I had to return them :( So make sure you read the reviews!!

Today's look was just simple and fun. It was so nice outside, I wanted to look springy! Thank you so much for reading!! Until next time!


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