Blogging Secrets

For the past few months, I promised to dedicate some time to my blog and I feel like I accomplished that. I love the way my blog looks and the feedback I get from it.

I will tell you what though, blogging is not easy. Especially when you're a mommy of two doggys with a full time job while still making sure you have time for your social life.

It is not easy trying to find a look within a certain amount of time while trying to find a location to shoot. I sometimes think best when I am under pressure. I kinda whip something up and Michael will just start shooting.

I bet you guys didn't know Michael was my photographer!

He is awesome. The only downfall is when I have a vision of how I like my photos, it is hard to collaborate to get the same look, but he still does an awesome job.

SO how do we do it?

Good question. Michael and I have different work schedules, so some days are harder than others. I would literally get ready for two hours and sometimes we would only have 30 mins to shoot!

Again, sometimes our best work happens when we're under pressure. Other days, when we have a day off, I will plan out my outfits and he will pick a place. Then boom, magic happens.

Then dedicate time to post your content. What is the point of taking pictures if you don't include a post about them?

On my days off, I will go to a coffee shop and will write everything under the sun and sometimes I end up deleting it!

I always want to make sure I am posting content that you guys would want to read. I also like being personal with you too.

The only advice I have for blogging is to shoot true images of yourself.

What does your fashion blog say about you?

I have days where I want to be super edgy and punk (brings me back to my high school punk/emo days). Haha. Then there are days where I am super girly. Like I will wear pink, floral, lace etc. Every day is different and it depends on my mood. My looks may not be cohesive all the time, but I know for a fact that I dress and style based on who I am as a person. Every look of mine shows a little bit of my personality!

Like this look for example, I don't like to always feel like matchy-matchy. I love contrast of colors and then of course, add a little bit of black to the look and you have edgy Cindy.

I got this shirt from Zara, unfortunately it is sold out! I linked something similar to it down below. I love a good graphic tee or a slogan top. I feel like they speak to your personality!

The metallic silver trend is one of my favorites!! I think the metallic look fits anyone's style. I found this cute pleated skirt from Nordstrom Rack.

My love for mules are unreal. If I see a black mule, I will run to it. Literally lol. I probably have 4 pairs of black mules. What can I say, they're the perfect shoe for when you want to be dressy, but don't want to wear heels. I found these Dolce Vita ones and love the studded look. I thought it completed my edgy taste.

Best part of this look was I literally put it together for work and received a lot of compliments. Shoutout to my Nordstrom friends!!

Since they loved it so much, I figured I would blog it and show you guys!

That is all, until next time!



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