Mid Week Blues

Hi guys! Welcome back.

I have the mid week blues. Where's the weekend at??? I am totally ready for it.

Ever feel like your life is always on the go and you have no time to relax?

Yep, that’s me. I’m so busy with work and spending time with Michael and the pups, sometimes I forget to have ME time.

It's imperative to realize that self care comes first. Always, always take care of yourself, mentally and physically. Recently, I've been treating myself to things I wouldn't do normally because I am either budgeting or just think they're not as important. Within the last week few weeks, I got a hair cut (YES. I know. I only got a trim though!), got a back massage (I have major back problems so this was really helpful), went on a mini shopping spree (my favorite) and got back into hot yoga (Thanks Mikaela!).

I love doing all of those things. I seriously feel like a new me afterwards. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Sometimes you gotta splurge on yourself because you deserve it!

I also feel like sometimes my life routine can be really repeative and that’s something I don’t like.

I am a creative person, I love to be inspired. When I am feeling inspired, I get very ambitious.

Sometimes you just need influential people in your life to keep your creativity juices flowing.

I believe everyone has their own "niche" or a creative characteristic they can bring to the table.

I think its important to always be curious and ask questions. I love branching out to my favorite bloggers for advice or support. After all, we are here to support each other!!

I wanted to share with you guys my favorite "inspirations" or "influencers" that I look up to daily!

Super thankful for their creativity and visions. If it wasn't for them, I would be able to achieve my brand goals and looks!


Her look and Instagram is everything! She is so cute and I loved that she has a unique style!


I love how real she is! She is super creative and has such a positive vibe! She is truly inspiring. Funny story, she is best friends with Modaprints!


She's from Nashville and is a Free People lover like me! She has a cool IG with the funniest captions. One of my favorite bloggers. I love looking at her stuff. She also lets you know about the best sales on everything.


LOVE her look. She's so artsy, but super real when it comes to her style. I feel like I can relate to her.

Blogging is hard work, but these girls make it look easy!

On with the OOTD. With today's look, I went with the western look because it's really in right now! I found these high rise gauchos from Forever 21. Super cute and comfy. The only denim I wear are the comfy ones!! I then paired my pants with this Barbie tee. I love anything pink and love the vibe I got from the look. It kinda has this vintage style with a western twist. Plus it makes me think of that song, "Barbie Girl" by Aqua!

I had the hardest time finding the perfect fedora that would fit my head. Haha. It was a struggle, but I found one and I love it! The shade goes with everything and I can pair it with other outfits. I then wore my round beach bag, which a lot of you guys told me was sold out, I will link similar ones, so you guys can have one too! Then I wore my brown booties and viola, I have a fun, flirty western look.

I hope you guys loved it as much as I did! Until next time! xoxo



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