Hello February

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a great day! Thanks for coming back and checking out my blog. I seriously appreciate it!

As I was taking pictures for my blog today, I realized it was 68 degrees out and I was wearing a turtleneck! Haha, luckily it was just a little warm with a nice breeze or I would have been dying.

Today's outfit is a little different and I am excited to show it to you guys!

We went to a record store to shoot because I felt like this look was super edgy. Lucky me, they had an awesome graffiti wall as well!

I found this really cute ribbed, color block tank from Nordstrom Rack. I figured since its only February, its still gonna be chilly outside. I was thinking let's pair this up with my black turtleneck, so its not as revealing. Good thing, the turtleneck is a little thinner! I would definitely say this is a great staple piece for your closet. I then wore a cute, faux leather skirt with studs.

I love that you can go from day time look to a going out look with the skirt. The studs give you an extra edgy look. Just enough to spice up your life a little bit.

I then wore these really, really cute slip on sneakers from Michael Kors. I have been looking for some grayish sneakers for a while. I love the cute star cut out detail and they're super comfortable!

I wanted to long earrings since I wore my hair up. I found these BP earrings and I love them. They could go for any occasion. Remember, always buy items that you can wear more than once for different occasions!!

Okay, that's all I have for my outfit details!

I wanted to talk about the 5 things/trends I am currently obsessed with. I did this before on a previous post and had a lot of people enjoy it! So I figured I will do it for every month!

1. The Middle- Maren Morris, Zedd and Grey. This song is so addicting, I have been playing it non-stop. Even Michael knows the lyrics to it. I know you guys will love it too.

2. Green Tea Matcha at Starbucks. On days where I want to take a break from drinking coffee, I like to drink my green tea matcha. It's so refreshing and a great alternative for coffee.

3. My planner. I love love love my planner. I plan everything out. It helps me stay organized and it gives me the illusion that I have my life together. I'll link the one I have. Sarah even has the same one!

4. The Greatest Showman. OMG. This movie was amazing. I loved it so much!! The soundtrack, choreography, actors/actresses, everything about it was amazing! If you're a musical fan, you should check it out!

5. Jade Roller. I am not sure if you guys have seen this trend with beauty remedies. Its a jade roller where you freeze it and then you roll it over your face at night. It helps with puffiness, reduces dark circles under your eyes and your face will feel so much tighter the next day! They have different ones from Sephora, Nordstrom, etc. I got mine from Amazon (bc I am balling on a budget lol) and I love it!! I linked it if you guys are interested!! It's totally awesome!

Okay, that is it for now! Also, I am doing a Valentines post next week! I am excited for you guys to check it out! xoxo

Outfit Details:

Top: Ribbed Color Block Tank

Turtleneck: Black Turtleneck

Shoes: Michael Kors Sneakers

Skirt: Jolt Faux Leather


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