The Famous Jean Jacket

Hi everyone! It's my favorite day of the week: it's Trendy Thursday! I have been extremely sick and tired, so I haven't had the chance to actually catch up and rest since New Years! 

Lately, I've been reflecting on making some changes to my life. Sometimes I find myself wishing I went back to school. I miss school and want to go back to get another degree. I just have no clue what I would go back for! Fashion will always be a love of mine, but I want to go back and try something different.

I am not afraid of change, I am just afraid of looking back 5 years from now and finding myself wishing I did those things I wanted to do. I know I am only in my early 20s, but I want to be able to do everything I can do. I'm very ambitious, can't you tell?

Who loves Frenchies? *Raises hand up high* I dooooo!  Love this t shirt. My friend, Charlene, found it for me and I had to get it. It fits my personality perfectly. If you guys don't know, I will be having a doggy shower when I finally get a frenchie! Haha

 Two things I love: the color mustard and flowy pants! My pants are from Free People. They are super comfy and retro! You guys will see a lot of tie up/lace up looks for this spring's trend. I paired this look with a graphic tee and my jean jacket. Love my jean jacket! I really wear this one a lot... It just goes great with whatever look! 

Unfortunately, this exact one is sold out, but I added a link for similar ones! I wear mine all the time! I wanted to go for a cool and urban look. I know you can dress these pants up or down, but I wanted to go for a chill look. I love winter, but I am ready for spring!! I can't wait see the new spring fashion looks. 

I wore these really cute sugarfix earrings to add the girly feel to the look. They're kind of heavy, so if you guys have sensitive ears then I wouldn't recommend. I also wore my backless loafers with this outfit and I love them! I wear these loafers with a lot of looks because they are super comfy! I love a good pair of loafers. 

Top: Excuse My French | Pants: The Rex Pants | Jean Jackets | Earrings | Loafers

I wanted to include a "five things I'm currently into" part of my blog. I think it's a great way to let you guys know what I'm currently into. It will include anything from music, make up to food and tv shows. I'm learning to make my blog more personable. 

Five things I'm obsessed with:

  1. I just binged watch the whole series of Younger, the tv show. It is hilarious and will have you have your bags packed, ready to move to New York!

  2. I've been listening to Camila Cabello. Her vocal cords are insane. Her music is actually really, really good. 

  3. It's hard to find a really good concealer for a decent price. I usually use Lancôme concealer, but recently found a dupe one from Colourpop. Best part, it's only $6 dollars and has full coverage!

  4. Michael and I have been trying to be better at eating healthy. We have been cooking at home more. I love any receipes that involves zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash! 

  5. I've been sick lately so all I've been doing is taking baths to relax my muscles. I love bath bombs from Lush. All of their bath bombs smell so good! I literally stock up on them every time I go. My favorites are the ones with glitter in them.  

I hope you guys love this outfit as much as I do! Thanks for reading! Until next time, xoxo.  

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