Last One for 2017

Change| \ ˈchānj \ : to become different

Hello loves! I hope everyone had a great holiday filled with love, family and food! I cannot believe that 2017 is almost over! This year has flown by! It has been a tough year, but as they always say being in your 20's can be some of your best years, as well as your worst years.

I have learned so much about myself and have grown to love myself. I was struggling in the beginning of 2017... I lost my love for fashion, I was distant with my family, I went through a roller coaster of wanting a career change. I wanted nothing more than to be successful and happy. I had days where I would wake up and physically could not get out of bed to do anything productive. I was sad A LOT. I cried A LOT. I had days where my depression would hit and I would be sad over nothing, I couldn't control my emotions. I was completely lost. I had moments where I truly felt like I had to give up, I couldn't do it anymore. It was terrifying. My boyfriend, Michael, is my number one supporter. I could tell when I had my bad days, it would hurt him to see me sad. He would remind me that I work so hard, I shouldn't give up. He would tell me that I was loved and that I shouldn't feel lonely. Cliche, I know, but he was my savior. He truly saved me from myself.

I am super thankful for Sarah as well. I know I mentioned her before, but without her constant support and love, I don't think I would have been strong enough.

Here is my little family:

Overall lesson I've learned is to never give up on yourself. Don't let your depression get the best of you. When your mind is clouded of negative thoughts, take a deep breath and say a prayer. Remind yourself why you started in the beginning. Be thankful for what you have, accept change and be proud of what you've done. Surround yourself around love and positive people. If you are truly passionate about something, please don't give up. Continue to work hard and keep your eye on the goal, you'll get there, I promise.

I made promise to myself that I will keep up with my blog. It is truly something I enjoy! Today's outfit reminded me of the south. Haha. I miss home so much! I can't wait to visit. As you guys know, I love wearing all black. You truly can't go wrong with wearing all black. Today I wore a black turtle neck top and black ripped jeans, paired with a floral kimono. My favorite piece of this look is my belt. It reminds me of a western cowboy belt. Such a simple detail can change the look!

Love the kimono with this look, its a cute transitional piece. It cold out here, but not quite cold enough for me to wear an outer jacket. My Chelsea boots are super comfy and affordable. I needed to find a pair of Chelsea boots to add to my closet and I finally found some at Nordstrom Rack! And lastly, my earrings! I love hoop earrings. I think they complete any look honestly. I found these gunmetal ones from BP at Nordstrom. I'm really into the gunmetal trend!

Okay, last thing I wanted to say is THANK YOU so much for your support. I am so thankful for those who read my blog. It means a lot to me and to Michael as well. He works really hard to take my photos. Haha. I hope you guys enjoyed. Can't wait to see what 2018 has in store!!

Get my look:

Top: Turtle Neck Black

Jeans: TopShop Jeans

Kimono: Soprano On Sale!

Shoes: Wild Diva

Earrings: BP Layered

Belt: Charlotte Russe Buckle Only $5!

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