Birthday Girl

Hey everyone! Back at it again with a blog post! I seriously can't believe we are already half way through October!

October is my favorite month and it's not because of the sweater weather. It's because it's my birthday month!

I can't believe I am 23 years old, it's crazy right? As much as I have enjoyed being 22, I think 23 is going to be a good year for me.

Today I wanted to share with you guys my birthday outfit and do a sneak peek of what's in my purse!

Birthday Outfit

I decided I wanted to wear some sexy, but yet sophisticated. I love Free People! They are my go to when I am in the mood to wear something more urban and flirty. The dress is flowy and has the low V neck detail, open back and blouson sleeves. I thought this dress was a perfect transitional fall piece. I paired it with my Ivanka Trump suede knee high boots for the romantic and fun look. As you must know knee high boots are so trendy this fall! Lastly, I added a cute suede choker to complete the look. You guys know how much I love chokers!

What's in my purse?

I am so excited to share with you guys what I always carry in my bag!

I am telling you, my purse is my life. I literally have everything and more in there. If I could carry a small dog in there, I would. lol

This is my Rebecca Minkoff Hobo bag. Ugh, I am so in love and recently made this purchase. Btw, I purchased it on sale from Nordstrom! I wanted a "cute work bag," a bag that can carry everything and still look cute! This one was perfect because of the fall color and the style of the bag is unique. It has two zipper pockets on the outside and has three pockets on the inside, the more pockets the better! Now let me show you want I have inside.

First, I always have my planner on me. I love to always plan and make sure that I know what I am doing that day. I have to double check and make sure I plan nights where I can go get my tacos and margs. I got my planner from Michael's Craft store. The brand is called the Happy Planner. My friend, Chelsey Funderburk, actually introduce me to them! Not only are they super cute, but the best part is they have removable pages! When you first purchase the planner, it includes all the months, but then you can buy separate tabs/pages! I bought the "Budget" tab as well as the "To-do" list tab. The tabs includes probably 10-15 pages for only 4.99 which I think is awesome! I love how I can customize my own planner without it being too expensive. Plus, you can also use Michael's coupons on your purchase! So with the planner originally being $31.99 and the tabs being 4.99 each, I used a 50% coupon and got everything for $20.99! You seriously can't beat that!

Second, I have my Kate Spade wallet. Yes, I know I should buy matching wallet and purse, but I just love my Kate Spade. I'v had this wallet since summer 2015 hence the summer color. I still use this because of the leather material, it's durable and holds up really well. It has an outside compartment, 12 card holders inside and a change zipper. It holds everything for me!

Third, I have my go-to make up. I will tell you I cannot walk out the door without my mini make up bag. This bag carries everything from my Kylie lipkit of the day to nail polish. It is my emergency kit incase I need to touch up my lipstick or if I need to blot my face with my compact. It is a little dirty, but it shows you guys I do use it every day.

I sometimes carry my ipad. I am also jotting down ideas and researching, so I like to keep my ipad on me. I currently have a Kate Spde case on it. This case includes a portable/blue tooth keyboard which comes in handy when I want to blog!

That's all I have guys! It may not seem like a lot, but my purse does get super heavy! lol

I would love to see your go to bags! Send me pics!

Until next time!

Get this outfit now!

Dress: Here's a similar one, Free People

Shoes: Here's a similar one, Ivanka Trump Luci

Choker: On Sale now! BP Choker

Kylie Lip Color: 22

Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff

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