Black and White Series

Hi guys! It has been a challenge to blog for the last few days and I do apologize. Lately, I've been feeling very sentimental. I wanted to feature a post that included some personal information. This post is for those of you who have been feeling down or discourage.

Life will throw you obstacles and test your limits, BUT it will never throw you anything you can't handle. Surround yourself with positive people and think of positive thoughts. Whenever you are having self doubt, remind yourself of the reason of why you started in the first place, whether its school, a job, or a relationship. There was always a reason for you to start, just believe in yourself.

I am SO thankful to have the most supportive boyfriend and friends. When things get tough, I am so lucky to have someone to lean on. Michael is always there for me through the good and bad. My friends always check up on me when I'm feeling low and I can tell you that is the best support system to have. Find people who will help you grow and better yourself.

I did a black and white series because I wanted to show you guys, no matter how dark your thoughts can be, you will always see the light at the end.

Much love! xoxo


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