There's Nothing to be Matte About

Hi guys! I am super excited to mention to you all that I will now have a beauty page! This is for those who only know the minimum in make up, but want to explore and try more!

Currently, I am really into the matte lip colors, so today's post will be about the hyped up Kylie Jenner LipKits (as mentioned in my previous blog post--- Girl Boss) and my newest brand, ColourPop!


If you guys are big fans of the Kardashians, then you guys must know about the Kylie Jenner LipKits. These lipkits have been sold out every time she restocks them! That's when you know you gotta have them! She currently has 8 colors out right now.

These kits are super cool because Kylie produced a special formula for a matte liquid lipstick to last longer! Making them creamier, lighter and smoother! In these lipkits, they include a lip liner and a tube of the liquid lipstick itself. As shown below

Honestly guys, these suckers are so hard to get, but they are so worth it!! I was able to purchase two colors so far! I currently own True Brown K (the darkest brown shade she has) and the newest color, Kourt K (the popping purple color). They are easy to apply on, especially since it comes with a lip liner. They leave your lips matte, light and with a hint of a vanilla scent. It is important to exfoliate your lips before applying. Overall, I think they are awesome and Kylie did a wonderful job with the formula.


So this brand is a little newer to me. Luckily I had a fab friend, Octavia, who helped me out and recommend me some colors. ColourPop was created in LA and they are known for creating amazing products with luxury formulas at affordable prices! I know everyone loves a good deal.

*I didn't mess up my swatches, my dogs were scratching me lol.

Since I went a little darker with the lipkits, I figured I could try some light, neutral colors. I recently purchased the colors, Beeper and Midi. Beeper is the brown tone color as shown in the picture below. I liked this color because of the neutral look and it is not as dark and edgy as my Kylie color. Midi is the soft pink color. I picked this color out because I want something more soft and minimal. It also reminded me of a pink bubble gum.

Overall, I loved these products just as much!! They didn't glide on as smoothly as my lipkits, but they feel just as light, which I think is very important with liquid lipsticks. I also think the price of these products made it even more satisfying. Each individual tube was only $6 dollars! Like I said, I know everyone loves a good deal. These are perfect for those who don't want to spend too much on long lasting liquid lipstick. As much as I love Kylie, the ColourPop products worked just as well.

I hoped you guys have enjoyed my beauty page, thank you so much!


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